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TrustedBSD Project

The TrustedBSD Project is an open source community developing advanced security features for the open source FreeBSD operating system. Started in April 2000, the project developed support for extended attributes, access control lists (ACLs), UFS2, OpenPAM, security event auditing, OpenBSM, a flexible kernel access control framework, mandatory access control, and the GEOM storage layer. The results of this work may be found not just in FreeBSD, but also NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, and Apple's Mac OS X and iOS operating systems. Today, the project continues to maintain and enhance these mature features in FreeBSD.

The TrustedBSD Project originally targeted trusted operating system functionality required by the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (CC). Work has gone significantly further, including research and development into operating system security extensibility, and work on local and distributed file systems as required to meet security goals.

This web site provides development information about TrustedBSD, including early access to source code and on-going development work, documentation and papers, historical information, and more. The TrustedBSD Project also hosts a number of mailing lists for discussion of on-going work as well as user support.

The TrustedBSD Project is made possible through generous sponsorship and support from a variety of organizations, including the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the National Security Agency (NSA), Network Associates Laboratories, Safeport Network Services, the University of Pennsylvania, Yahoo!, McAfee Research, SPARTA, Inc., Apple Computer, Inc., nCircle Network Security, Inc., Google, Inc., the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, the FreeBSD Foundation, and others. Contributions to support the TrustedBSD Project are welcome; please consider making donations through the FreeBSD Foundation.

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